These Plans include Credits for sending messages through API only, you have to buy the Apps separately.


4000 Credits valid for 1 Month
Plan Rs 2500*

Unlimited Credits 6 Months
Plan Rs 20000*

20000 Credits valid for 1 Year
Rs 10000* (Single Count)


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Frequently Asked Questions (click to expand)

  • Can I change the mobile number through which Instant Messages are sent: Yes you can change. However at one time only one no can be used.

  • What can I send with 1 credit: 1 Credit includes a text and a file of any type - pic, pdf, doc, etc.

  • For a Single Count Plan: 1 Credit is equal to a text or a file of any type - pic, pdf, doc, mp4 etc.

  • What happens when I use up all my credits: There is no monthly cap. You can use all monthly credits at one go and then buy another plan.

  • What happens to un-used credits: Unused credits have to be consumed within your plan validity.

  • ​Can I attach files from Google Drive: Yes you can attach any type of file from Google Drive or any FTP\Web Server.

  • ​How many Instant Messages can be sent in a day: There is no technical limit, however too many in a single day can violate their policy.

  • What's the speed of sending Instant Messages : Speed varies from 100-500/hour depending upon size of attachment. Only text is faster.

  • ​Do you need a phone for sending Instant Messages: Yes a phone with application & internet is required when sending instant messages.

  • What happens if App Provider bans my number: We will provide you complete guidelines to prevent banning & recovery.

  • ​Is there anything to be installed on my PC: There is no software to be installed anywhere. We will provide a Google Sheet which can be operated through you Gmail/Google Workspace account by you or any person authorised by you. Computer need not be on for sending messages.

  • Virtual Assistant with Incoming Gateway : Can only function with a valid outgoing gateway

  • All Basic Apps & Premium Apps (Email Version) will function only with a valid Whatsapp Automation Gateway Plan

  • In case you are sending a Video file, MP4 File upto size 5MB with a Text in Multi Count Plans i.e. 48k, 96k or 4k Plan each message will be counted as a credit

  • ​For any other questions please call: 8766362949 or email: